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Our community is critical. At MBC, we are cultivating a space for everyone, and that starts with who’s in the room: our employees, customers, vendors, and community partners. 

Diversity isn’t a buzz word for us; it’s a guiding principle. We are first and foremost a Black- and queer-led team of beer lovers and community makers. We endeavor to form relationships with BIPOC artists and organizations—and their allies—making it their mission to give back and enrich all of our lives.

We are deeply grateful for the warm embrace of our community throughout the years. You have shown us love, and we aspire to return it in the quality of our products, excellent service, synergistic partnerships, and dedication to our mission. 

Rodney Hines MBC CEO & Co-Founder
Representation Matters

Showing Up In and For Our Beloved Community

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To those who make it all possible

Our Loyal Supporters

Running a small business is hard, and we couldn’t do it without so many of you, especially our repeat customers and members of our beer-subscription program. Thank you. To those who’ve invested vital resources, including time, money, and expertise: Thank you. To those who showed love from the beginning by joining our Founder’s Club, providing business planning and strategy support, and helped out with our fundraisers: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Building bridges with intention

Community Collaborations & Partnerships

We want the spirit of community to permeate MBC spaces and for everyone who steps through our doors to feel seen and welcome. This begins with meaningful sourcing of our products and services, curation of our events, and the art and imagery on our cans, walls, and website. The diverse culture at MBC is supported by a diverse supply chain of BIPOC- and women-owned businesses, local artists of color, and a small, but mighty staff with a shared vision of inclusive community. Our many relationships and strategic partnerships build awareness, reinvigorate our culture, and bring our mission to life. 

A person holding a Perri Rhoden beer in front of the camera.

We found our calling. Now it’s your turn...

If you'd like to learn more about our Mosaic State Brewer's Collective mentorship program or how you can support our mission, get in touch. If you have an event or opportunity that you believe is in alignment with our vision and values, let us know how we can support you!

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