Not Beer

All of the taste without the ABV

For beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike, our new Sparkling Hop Water offers a light, refreshing, and non-alcoholic alternative to beer.

A Refreshing Zero Proof Brew

Introducing MBC's Sparkling Hop Water

Originally offered on tap at our Woodinville location, Sparkling Hop Water has quickly grown in popularity. This newest MBC release is crisp, citrusy, piney, and zero-proof—and now, it's available in 12 oz. cans. Infused with hoppy aromas and a burst of energizing juniper, its smokey earthiness is perfectly balanced by a citrusy finish that makes it the go-to beverage for MBC customers and staff, alike.

Adding Sparkling Hop Water provides more variety for those interested in non-alcoholic menu options. We hope MBC inspires others to continually stop and consider who is missing or not represented.

MBC is continually focused on finding ways to create inclusive spaces for people of all backgrounds and interests, including those who might prefer an alternative to our traditional beers. 

The green Metier 'Sparkling Hop Water' can with the Metier logo.

Find your hoppy place.

Sparkling Hop Water is perfect for sipping on a sunny day with your favorite food, throwing in your backpack for a hike, or for mixing with your favorite spirit for a refreshing cocktail. Just released in a convenient 12 oz. can, MBC’s Sparkling Hop Water is a versatile and ideal non-alcoholic alternative.

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