Currently On Tap and Available To-Go

New Zealand IPA

Light bodied and thirst-quenching, the Pilsner base malt accentuates these highly aromatic Kiwi grown hops: Motueka, Pacifica, and Pacific Jade.

4.9% Alcohol By Volume 49
65 IBU’s 65

Trail Blazer Pale Ale

A crisp and delicious Pale Ale. Exhibits a vigorous hop profile and wonderful aromatics of tropical fruit and citrus.

6.2% Alcohol By Volume 62
47 IBU’s 47

Scotch Ale

Boasting wonderful malty caramel flavors with bready aromas and a hint of peat smoke, this is an exciting addition to our MBC lineup.

6.7% Alcohol By Volume 67
30 IBU’s 30

American Wheat

AWARD WINNING!Light bodied with a slightly creamy mouthfeel and aromas of Honey Nut Cheerios. A classic Wheat beer!

5.0% Alcohol By Volume 50
15 IBU’s 15

El Dorado Pale Ale

Brand new Hazy Pale Ale brewed with Kveik yeast and juniper. Aromas of pineapple, dry hopped with El Dorado hops.

5.0% Alcohol By Volume 50
30 IBU’s 30

Norwegian Farmhouse

Brand new ale brewed with Kveik yeast, juniper and rose hips.

5.0% Alcohol By Volume 50
30 IBU's 30

Russian Imperial Stout

Brewed with Chinook hops. Rich and creamy, smooth and balanced, loaded with dark chocolate and coffee flavors.

10.1% Alcohol By Volume 100
93 IBU’s 93

Calypso IPA

Copper colored IPA. Showcases unique fruity and earthy flavors of Calypso Hops, backed up with citrus flavors from Comet and Amarillo hops. A complex combination of resinous, grapefruit, and blackcurrant flavors/aromas. Bitter finish.

6.5% Alcohol By Volume 65
75 IBU’s 75


Brewed with Tettnang hops. Light, refreshing German-style ale with mild hop bitterness. Dry flavored and highly sessionable.

5.3% Alcohol By Volume 53
25 IBU’s 25

Barrel Aged Scotch Ale

5 months spent in whiskey barrels mellowed out the peat smoke, and gives it a more carmelly flavor.

8.8% Alcohol By Volume 88
30 IBU's 30

Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout

Heavier creamy mouthfeel. Coffee & cacao nibs added pairs well with the stout. Aged for 6 months in whiskey barrels.

10.3% Alcohol By Volume 100
60 IBU's 60

LIMITED RELEASE: TransPyr Imperial Ale

Our Imperial IPA was stored six months in the loving embrace of small batch bourbon barrels. Time, patience and a wee dram of mystery transformed the brew into a bodacious beer, full of caramel, vanilla, spice and hops.

Named after the epic ride in the Pyrenees Mountains…imagine a team of determined riders. It can at times feel solitary, relying on grit and self-resolve. Visualize the words “Breathe. Transform. Conquer.“…we wanted to convey our spirit of pursuit, conquest, conquering monumental shit in a team. This first beer bottled is our TransPyr! 9.9% ABV.

Available in the Taproom to go in 22oz. bottles!

Past Releases and Seasonal Favorites

Strawberry Cream Ale

Brewed with Pilsner malt, a touch of flaked barly, and lightly hopped with Saaz, then finished with lots of organic strawberry purée.

5.7% Alcohol By Volume 57
15 IBU’s 15

Grapefruit IPA

Our classic MBC IPA infused with refreshing grapefruit. Brewed with Chinook hops and dry hopped with Citra. Aromas and flavors of citrus zest and pine, nicely balanced and not over-hopped.

6.9% Alcohol By Volume 69
75 IBU’s 75

Nitro Porter

Now on Nitro! Brewed with Centennial and Willamette hops. A slightly smokey porter with flavors of roasted coffee and caramel.

7.0% Alcohol By Volume 70
47 IBU’s 47

Red Ale

Brewed with Willamette and East Kent Golding hops. Light and balanced maltiness with notes of caramel and roasted nuts.

6.2% Alcohol By Volume 62
23 IBU’s 23


Similar in profile to a Hefeweizen, this hazy dark wheat beer showcases notes of clove and caramel from the Dark Munich malts used.

6.2% Alcohol By Volume 62
15 IBU’s 15

Pale Stout

“Medium-bodied and creamy mouthfeel. Cocoa nibs and coffee lend
warm roasted notes to an otherwise quaffable, burnt-straw tinted ale.”

5.7% Alcohol By Volume 57
30 IBU’s 30

Belgian Golden

AWARD WINNING!A light to medium boded Golden Strong Ale with notes of tropical fruit and lingering peppery spices.

8.5% Alcohol By Volume 85
35 IBU’s 35

Black Stripe Coconut Porter

AWARD WINNING!Infused with toasted coconut, this Porter is silky smooth, rich and robust, with a touch of sweetness on the finish.

5.6% Alcohol By Volume 56
47 IBU’s 47

Blueberry Pale Ale

A hazy orange pale ale finished with harvested blueberries. Aromas of apricot and sweet blueberry meld with fruity and grapefruit-like citrus flavors followed by smooth bitterness and cooling acidity.

5.3% Alcohol By Volume 53
40 IBU’s 40


Brewed with Chinook hops and then dry hopped with Citra. Aromas and flavors of citrus zest and pine, nicely balanced and not over-hopped.

6.7% Alcohol By Volume 67
75 IBU’s 75


Malt-flavored with thicker mouthfeel; balanced by resinous and herbal notes due to aggressive dry hop schedule.

9.1% Alcohol By Volume 91
104 IBU’s 100

Oatmeal Stout

Aromas of dark chocolate complement flavors of roasted coffee and a smooth finish. Perfect for a cloudy day!

5.5% Alcohol By Volume 55
35 IBU’s 35
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